Toniko Manning Brown’s Childcare Dream

July 16, 2016
When Toniko Manning Brown founded Little Beautiful Minds Primary Academy in 2002, she wanted to meet a need for quality, affordable child care in her home town of Metairie, Louisiana. Her goal was to provide families with a school that provided an excellent education while the kids also had a lot of gun, all while being affordable for parents.

Rather than engage in a massive advertising campaign or offer deep discounts, Toniko Manning Brown grew Little Beautiful Minds the old-fashioned way; she believed that, if you provide the best childcare possible and allow word-of-mouth to take over from there, it would grow naturally. That approach worked so well, Little Beautiful Minds has grown into one of the best and biggest childcare facilities in the New Orleans area, placing them ahead of many other child care options now available.

Through her strong leadership and an excellent, caring staff, Toniko Manning Brown has created a school with a strong reputation for providing kids with a variety of well-rounded, appropriate and intellectually stimulating activities that foster a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.